X3 Knee Brace

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The X3 Knee Wrap is the next generation of knee support. An extra durable knit, breathable nylon sleeve provides all-around compression that reduces swelling and pain while the double strap system allows for unparalleled support as tight and secure as you desire.


Engineered for reliable support the X3 Brace was over designed to ensure athletes stay safe, secure and in the game. Mobility and comfort are also essential factors we accounted for to make this a truly comfortable and high performance knee brace you can wear all day.




Why TRAIN with the X3 Knee Brace?

      • Prevent Injuries! 
      • Protect Injuries Old or New
      • Reduce Pain & Swelling
      • Customizable Support
      • Improved Performance
      • Sleek / Breathable / All Day Comfort
      • Peace of Mind  





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